Affordable Health Insurance for Kids

Health insurance is important for everyone to have; yet, due to the cost of health care, and the cost of health insurance, many people think it’s impossible for them to obtain health insurance, much less affordable health insurance. Sadly, adults aren’t the one people going without health insurance in America. Kids are also suffering from the expensive cost of health care and health insurance.

Luckily, a Children’s Health Insurance Program is being developed in each state this year – 2006. Of course, each state will have its own set of criteria for eligibility, but the overall idea is that affordable health insurance will be available to kids whose families just can’t afford to pay for health care or health insurance and still be able to make ends meet.

This is excellent news, considering having adequate health care is crucial to the development of each kid. Kids need immunizations, and they need health care to treat, or prevent, illness or diseases with which they are born are at risk for contracting.

For example, many kids have childhood asthma. Sometimes it clears up by the teen years or early adulthood; sometimes it sticks with them for life. The Children’s Health Insurance Program will help treat children born with these kinds of afflictions by providing affordable health insurance for kids.

Another example? Think about a large group of screaming eight-year-olds trapped together in one room during cold and flu season. Enough said.

By developing a Children’s Health Insurance Program, each state is helping to provide affordable health insurance for kids – something all kids need, but unfortunately have not been getting. If each kid has affordable health insurance, we can prevent those cold and flu viruses before they attack; and, if we’re too late, we can afford to treat them once they attack.

Stay up to date with your state’s progress of the Children’s Health Insurance Program by contacting your state’s insurance department or bureau.

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